Aki Hostel

Group Reservation

Aki Hostel is place for a unique lodging. There are 21 optional accommodations urban camping, bar and restaurant. It’s an ideal space for receiving big groups that arrives to São Paulo for cultural events, meetings, shows, festivals and trips.

We have dorm rooms for 15, 10, 6 and 4 people, besides private rooms with internal and shared bathrooms and a camping area. Our space has the capacity to receive up to 100 people.

Beyond our lodging service, we provide meals and leisure moments for the group. We recognize that every group comes to São Paulo with different needs and preferences, and it is Aki Hostel’s intent to help make your experience better in the business and cultural city. Your solicitation must be done in advance in a way to organize and plan your visit quickly and effectively.

Out team look forward to your visit and we analyze our availability of accommodation and sent the budget for the requester of the reservation that chose for the best way to allocate its own group. Aki hostel have the capacity to allocate up to 100 people!

A hostel is more than a place to sleep. It is a dynamic traveling experience where you can meet people from around the world. We are happy to offer guidance as you plan activities and find ways to reduce the overall cost of the trip. Some of the ways we can help include the following:

- Assistance on itinerary planning
- Tips for making the best use of free hostel amenities, like the fully-equipped, self-service kitchen, patio, and reception.
- Contact information for the major activities in the area


Contact the staff at Aki Hostel São Paulo to learn more about group bookings.