Aki Hostel


Make your event in Aki Hostel & Pub

Aki Hostel is a dynamic and excellent place for events. We offer an ideal infrastructure for the success of your event. Our space will guarantee the interaction, veracity and possibility to leave an optional decoration according to your desire.

Believe that a Hostel is a space that propagates a lot of artistic proposals and cultural expressions. Aki Hostel looks to intensify those attitudes through internal and external attractions in our common spaces.

Our bar turns into a party room, able to receive happy birthdays, farewells, thematic parties, Happy hours, corporation events and exhibitions. The principal internal attractions are the happy hour with double caipirinha, food tasting, drinks tasting, movie nights and special offers.

For your event, we provide food and drinks service, also music of your preference.

Besides the restaurant, we have other spaces to realize event in the rooftop and the glace room, ideal for workshops.

The first step is to get in contact with our group sales manager by e-mail, in order, to know the availability about the guest number and the date of your reservation. The negotiation will be done by e-mail; we stipulate the number of people that we expect to arrive to the event. Normally, we work with commands that are made by the guest, but there are some specific events that the responsible of the event make the total payment of the service.

Besides the events in our own space, Aki Hostel participates in a group called Portas Abertas, that is composed by some hostel from capital of São Paulo and together they organize events in the city like “Bloco de Carnaval Enterro dos Ossos, festas juninas, and some other ones.”

Are you thinking to make your event? Aki Hostel is the perfect place to make it! Get in contact with us to know our terms and conditions.

Types of event in Aki Hostel & Pub São Paulo:

Birthday Party

Nothing better than a cool place to celebrate your birthday party with the ones you like the most. The charming atmosphere and our attentive staff make of Aki Hostel & Pub the ideal place for you to celebrate your Birthday party in São Paulo.


We know how the city can become stressing day by day, that´s why we offer a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy with your friends or workmates. Nothing can compare to a cold beer in the end of the day to recharge your energy.

Meet up

Nobody needs a motive to gather some friends. In Aki Hostel & Pub is the ideal place to get everyone’s together and makes a perfect pre lash for the ones who couldn’t see each other from a long time, or just to celebrate some friendship.

Product realizes

Aki Hostel & Pub has a perfect space for you to realize your product in a big style. We offer an ideal environment: big, charming and versatile, in order, to allow a better interaction with the guest and your product.

Corporative Events

We offer our space to companies our groups that look a versatile structure for some different kind of event, like conventions, speeches, brainstorming. Make your meeting with your partners and clients.


The choice of a place at the time to expose your work is primordial. In Aki Hostel & Pub, the clean environment helps that every single piece stands out. The space is big and versatile that allows you to decorate on your own way.


Did you already think to make your bazaar in a different place? Here we have a good space for an exposition about some products, besides the fact of being charming, practice and versatile.


Contact the staff of Aki Hostel São Paulo to get better information about lodging, events, groups and promotions.